Passport Photos

Yes, we can take your passport photo! Please call ahead of time to make sure that we are available. For U.S. passports, you'll receive your properly sized image, same day. For international passports we ask for a bit more time.


Can I where jewelry?

Yes, as long as it's not obstructing your face in anyway.

Can I wear headwear?

No. Those who wear headwear for religious reasons are exempt but may have to request an accommodation through the federal agency.

Can I wear glasses?

No. All eyewear must be removed for your passport photo.

How long does it take to get my photos?

For U.S. passports, about 20 min. Once we take your photo, we'll immediately size it correctly and print it for you.

If you're needing a photo for an international passport, we ask a day or two, as we have to manually size each image.

How much does a passport photo cost?

After taxes, the total comes to $16.23 per passport photo.